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Microsoft platform for Project and Work Management
In current business scenarios there is immense pressure on organizations to be the most competitive and to drive the value to their stakeholders by being the most efficient and value-driven in whatever they do, including their processes and projects. This is where TEQMANTRA, a system integrator partner of Microsoft with expertise in project management systems like Microsoft Planner, Project, Project Online, Project for the web (Project Accelerator) comes into picture and empower organizations to make enough progress towards its goal. Starting from the initial discussion through to the successful introduction of PPM solution, we at Teqmantra hand-hold you till the solution adoption and beyond.

Discovery & Demo
Here, you bring your business decision makers and technology group together to better understand the new Microsoft productivity tool, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project, Project Online, Project for the Web and their potential business impact. This awareness session/workshop occurs in parts or in one go as per your availability. Deliverables include:
  • 1. Assessments of your organization’s productivity needs.
  • 2. Microsoft Planner/Project solution demos
  • 3. Exploring the art-of-the-possible to shortlist personas + use cases + impact potential.
  • 4. We build business case along with you, conduct the business specific requirement & consulting sessions, we create the roadmap to address assessment gaps, we do the feasibility for your specific ask and consult on the industry specialization, etc.

  • Readiness & Deployment
    Generally, it takes 3 - 6 weeks Deployment & Implementation for Microsoft Project Enterprise vanilla solution rollout. And Microsoft Planner is pretty straightforward. We enable Microsoft Project enterprise solution in a scalable and structured manner. Deploy it as outlined in the earlier phases of discovery and readiness, enabling accelerated adoption of Microsoft Project solution across agreed departments and use cases. Deliver customized solutions, accelerators, and integrations as outlined. Deliver swift deployment of Project solution by understanding of business urgency.

    Adoption & Change Management
    We facilitate the User Adoption Program, a service designed to ensure the effective use of the Microsoft Planner/Project solution and licenses provided to users. It involves regular guidance for key users and participants during the usage phase. The service follows a three-step approach i.e. Train the trainer approach, Classroom sessions and Guidance sessions.
  • Train the Trainer approach involves working intensively with a smaller group of key users who then pass on their knowledge to the participants in their environment. Regular meetings with the core team and key users are planned, initially weekly, then every two weeks. This is also effective for Microsoft Planner sessions.
  • Classroom Sessions involves full day intensive hands-on sessions for end users. All users are segmented into various batches based on the roles and departments/work domains. The service also includes support for the structured collection of use cases and experiences and answering questions from participants.
  • Guidance Sessions are for few users to have an understanding on specific feature usage or tool functionality ensuring detailed insights for users. This enables quick plan creation, tasks assignment and work collaboration by using Microsoft Planner.
  • The goal is to empower users to adopt Microsoft Planner/ Project solution and ensure that users actually shift from old practice of project management. Specifically, using Microsoft Planner you and your team can create plans, assign tasks, chat about tasks, and see charts of your team’s progress. You can also use Planner from within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint. The duration of the User Adoption on Project solution is usually 6 months which typically involves system and user support post the training sessions.

    With our Microsoft Planner/Project Extensibility Consulting Service, we help you to customize and extend your Microsoft productivity suite to meet your specific business needs and goals. A functional analysis report that identifies the business processes, user scenarios, pain points, and opportunities for improvement that can be addressed during the earlier phases of discovery and readiness. A high-level solution design document that outlines the proposed architecture, components, features, and benefits of Microsoft Project extensibility solution based on the functional and technical analysis. A roadmap and action plan that prioritizes the next steps and milestones for implementation are key outcomes. Our integration services enables enterprises to add linkages from your line of business applications to the Project solution to meet your organization's specific needs. And also, to sync tasks from Project for the web/Project Online into Planner. If applicable, you should consider the migration to a newer version such as Microsoft Project Server 2019, Microsoft Project Server Subscription Edition or Project Online in the cloud or Project for the Web (Project Accelerator) as soon as possible. Find out more by booking a discovery session with one of our Microsoft Project experts. The free workshop will comprise an interactive session exploring all aspects of evaluating and implementing the apt Project solution for your organization.